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Tumbled Yorkstone Setts

Available in a wide variety of standard sizes our of Tumbled Yorkstone Setts will bring a natural character to the project which you are undertaking. Versatile and easy to lay tumbled setts work well over large expanses as well as smaller spaces or as edgings or soldier courses.



100 x 100mm

150mm x random length

200 x 100mm

Muted hues of buff with occasional greys and pale browns and with varying amounts of terracotta and brown veining.

Our tumbled Yorkstone setts offer a beautiful blend of natural hues of buff, brown and occasional greyer tones with some terracotta and brown veining. A hard wearing and durable stone exhibiting a subtle natural beauty.

Our standard sizes are as 150mm wide x random lengths – 100mm wide x 200mm long & 100mm wide x 100mm long. We we cut these in standard thicknesses of 38mm and 50mm, however we are not limited to these sizes. If you have a specific requirement we will be happy to cut to your own specification.

The durability of Yorkstone means that when cut into the small units they are ideal where vehicle access is required such as driveways. The pre-distressed edges provide a pre worn look that will improve with further use and time. Being a high quality natural stone it will mature in colour over time as the natural characteristics develop.

Tumbled setts offer a more regularised and cost effective alternative to traditional stone setts whilst providing a similar aesthetic. Excavations need not be as deep as is required for traditional Yorkstone setts which are usually 150 / 200mm deep. Laying is easier due to the regularised thickness and handling and transportation is more cost effective due to the decreased weight.

Tumbled setts offer a high degree of versatility. The smaller unit sizes work well when incorporated into radial designs or when there are changes in inclination that would cause normally cause difficulties with larger paving slabs.


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Inspiration – Tumbled Yorkstone Setts

Tumbled stone setts used in various applications.

A Modern Approach to Traditional

As shown in this driveway application, 150mm x random tumbled setts were laid parallel to the roadway and two soldier courses of 100 x 200mm setts have been used to edge the design.  Note also the drain cover that has been infilled with setts, milled thinner, cut and inlaid cut to match the direction of  the laying.

100 x 100mm square setts

Pictured above is an application using 100 x 100mm setts edged with a row of 200 x 100mm  setts. This scheme incorporated a driveway area and a complex network of pathways around raised beds. The smaller unit size helped the contractor follow the curves and complete a complex layout without the need for cutting a multitude of unsightly angles.

Fantastic selection of stone from all over the world, as well as Yorkshire. Great value for money, Responsive customer service and can highly recommend them. Our new patio area looks fantastic. Extremely satisfied

Stephen Dobson

“Thank you! From start to finish the service we’ve received was great.  The stone looks fantastic, I know we will enjoy it for years and years. Thank you Bingley Stone.”

Mr & Mrs Belshaw

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