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Here you'll find our special offer items and one off lots that are currently available.

These items are Available Now. When these items have gone, we can't say when anything similar may be available again.

When it's gone, it's gone. Be warned !!



   4,300 sq mtrs Sawn Stone Paving IN STOCK NOW !!!

All sawn six sides, with finishes as follows:-

3250 sq mtrs SHOT SAWN paving slabs
630 sq mtrs SAWN paving slabs
100 sq mtrs BUSH HAMMERED paving slabs
300 sq mtrs SHOT BLASTED paving slabs

Stock sizes include 600mm wide and 610mm wide x various lengths.

Priced from £44.10 per sq mtr.
This is a premium quality sawn stone at an incredible price.


   100 tonnes plus of York Walling Stone

Yorkstone walling in a mixture of sizes, textures, face types and colours. Enjoy the confidence of best quality stone in a mix that stone walling should be walled. Suitable for top quality projects. At this price you will struggle to beat it. A mixture of reclaimed and new faced.

Reduced £85 per tonne. App 3.5 sq metres pr tonne.
Delivered in 1 tonne bags.

Bingley Stone

Cullingworth Mills
West Yorkshire
BD13 5AB
email : sales@bingleystone.com

01535 273 813
All These items are sold on a first come first served basis

 18 Tonnes of Green Westmoreland Walling Stone

Left over from a larger consignment we have approx. 18 tonnes of green Westmoreland walling.

Random sizes and irregular shapes provide a lovely random walling full of Character.

To Clear £50.00 per tonne bag.
Only about 18 bags left (approx. 1 tonne per bag)

All these offers are subject to availability.
They are one off sales, based on a first come first served principal.

Prices are ex-stock and exclusive of vat.


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